Carry your business cards in style with the Silver Collection Business Card Holder from Tonino Lamborghini. This exquisite card holder will impress your clients and make all your co-workers jealous. Made in Italy.



Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen

Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen
  $Check Price

from Logitech, Inc

Too many remotes scattered everywhere? Simplify now with a universal remote and control all your electronics in a single place. The top rated Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen controls up to 15 components, has a color touchscreen, button backlighting, contoured design, and even a rechargeable lithium battery.



Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks

$8.00 – $21.00


How do Jedi and Sith eat sushi? With their Lightsaber Chopsticks of course! Enjoy your sushi, noodles, or any food you want with these cool Star Wars utensils. Pick sabers from all your Star Wars favorites including Luke, Vader, Yoda, Dooku, Anakin, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, and Obi Wan. Just remember, no fighting with your food!



Complete that man cave/game room with the Arcade Legends 3 Upright Multi-Game Video Game Machine! It’s like adding a whole 80’s/90’s arcade into your home! It doesn’t just come with 1 or 2 games, it comes with 125! Yes, 125 classic arcade games such as Asteroids, Bubble Bobble, Commando, Double Dragon, Mega Man, Spacer Invaders, Street Fighter II!



Urban Rituelle Shave Set


from Urban Rituelle

Shaving should be relaxing, indulgent, and enjoyable for a man. The Urban Rituelle Shave Set is great gift to give that man a soothing and pampered shave. This box set includes a genuine badger hair brush and a 250 gm tub of lathery shave cream. Use these products for the ultimate clean shave!



Wine Knot

Hold up to seven wine bottles (six regular and one oversized bottle) with this elegant wine rack. The Wine Knot is designed by Scott Henderson, Tony Baxter, and Alberto Mantilla. They used two intersected birch & walnut molded plywood components, creating beautiful artistic pockets to display each bottle of wine.



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The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season
$39.98   $Check Price

from AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment

A zombie drama – yes, that’s what it is! The Walking Dead: Season One – one AMC’s top rated shows, and one of the biggest hits of 2010 shows the human drama of various survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Based on a comic graphic novel, it combines suspense, drama, and horror. Superb acting, writing, make-up, and storyline make this an epic show.



The Roll Up Drum Kit from Hammacher Schlemmer is the next best thing to a real set. Just roll it up and store it in your drawer when you’re not using it. It won’t break the bank either. Plug it into a USB port on your PC and use the included software to choose from 6 different drum kits, 8 bass drum loops, 48 rhythm patterns, and 8 special drum effects. Windows 7, Vista, and XP compatible.



BustedTees Shirt Of The Month Club


from BustedTees

Know someone who just loves wearing those funky, weird, or funny t-shirts? BustedTees has new unique off-the-wall t-shirts every month! When you sign up someone for the BustedTees Shirt Of The Month Club, that person can have his pick of any of their many hilarious shirts. Sign up 3, 6, or 12 months.




The Offi Overlap Tray is great accessory for anyone that likes to do their work in bed. Your bed will easily turn into your office desk with this tray. Work on your laptop and drink some coffee while nestled on the comforts of your mattress. If work isn’t your thing though, this is also great for breakfast in bed!



Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System

Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System
$169.99   $Check Price

from JBL

Looking for cool speaker system? Check out the Harman Kardon’s SoundSticks II. It consists of a 3-piece plug and play multimedia speaker system with a sleek unique design and a 20 Watt RMS subwoofer power output. Plug it into your digital music player, portable listening device, stereo, or computer (all platforms) and enjoy clear quality sound.



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