Christmas Gifts For Men

Christmas Gifts for Men Infographic

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     Is buying Christmas gifts for men really that hard? Well it shouldn’t be. Granted all men are different, so you need to know what particular categories of products a particular man enjoys. Overall though, electronics ranks at the top with 81% of men wanting something from that category during the holidays (according to Also 79% of men like to receive gift cards. Some popular electronics products from this holiday season are Google Chromecast Media Players, tablets (such as iPads, Kindle Fires, Androids, Windows), and GoPro cameras. Some good gift card choices are Amazon, Starbucks, or AMC Movie Theaters.

      Interestingly, particular holiday shopping habits differ between the two genders. According to Burst Media, 26% of men are planning on spending more on gifts overall during the 2014 holiday season compared to 2013. On the other hand only 16% of women are planning on spending more this year. Who says only women shop? Almost half of all shoppers plan to research on their smartphone/tablet before purchasing in a store (44% of men, 49% of women). More men (40%) are planning on purchasing on a mobile device compared to women (28%). Men are more keen on finding deals Thanksgiving night and Black Friday (81%), than women (74%), (from Nerdwallet). Women though are more budget conscious than their male shopping counterparts – 45% of women have holiday budgets vs only 39% of men (from Deloitte).

      While there are differences between men and women (what they want, what they buy, and how they shop); as long as you put a little effort into it, he is sure to be happy with whatever gift he gets. If you want to give something more personal than a gift card, the best option is electronics. Clothing, books and movies are also good bets. For more unique gift ideas and top gift choices this holiday, go here. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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