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Wine Knot

Hold up to seven wine bottles (six regular and one oversized bottle) with this elegant wine rack. The Wine Knot is designed by Scott Henderson, Tony Baxter, and Alberto Mantilla. They used two intersected birch & walnut molded plywood components, creating beautiful artistic pockets to display each bottle of wine.



The Offi Overlap Tray is great accessory for anyone that likes to do their work in bed. Your bed will easily turn into your office desk with this tray. Work on your laptop and drink some coffee while nestled on the comforts of your mattress. If work isn’t your thing though, this is also great for breakfast in bed!



Ninja Star Coat Hook

Want your pad to look like it’s been through a ninja invasion? Add some of these cool Ninja Star Coat Hooks. Put them into your wall and hang your jackets up ninja style! Sorry, black ninja uniform or enhanced fighting skills not included.



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