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Wilson Castaway Volleyball

Wilson Castaway Volleyball
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from Wilson

Know someone that loves playing volleyball or just needs someone to talk to? Then the Wilson Castaway Volleyball would make a great gift idea. Based off of Tom Hanks’ Castaway movie, this is an official Wilson Volleyball with Hank’s bloody handprint face imprinted. Disclaimer: not Tom Hanks’ real blood (we hope…).



Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool

Bear Grylls Ultimate Multitool
$58.00  $40.76

Face the wild or whatever else with the Bear Grylls Ultimate Multitool! This comes in real handy not only when stranded in the jungle or in a desert like Bear Grylls, but for camping, fishing, travel, or just in your car for emergencies. Includes spring-loaded pliers with an extra-grippy handle, 2 knives (serrated and fine-edge), saw, screwdrivers, wire cutter, scissors, a lanyard ring, as well as can and bottler openers.




What to do with all those old outdated LP vinyl records that aren’t needed anymore? Well, instead of filling up our landfills, some entrepreneurial and environmental minded genius came up with the idea to recycle them into drink coasters! Brilliant! Recycled LP Record Coasters feature various and random artists from all music eras. Cool gift idea for retro and music lovers!



Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks

$8.00 – $21.00


How do Jedi and Sith eat sushi? With their Lightsaber Chopsticks of course! Enjoy your sushi, noodles, or any food you want with these cool Star Wars utensils. Pick sabers from all your Star Wars favorites including Luke, Vader, Yoda, Dooku, Anakin, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, and Obi Wan. Just remember, no fighting with your food!



Urban Rituelle Shave Set


from Urban Rituelle

Shaving should be relaxing, indulgent, and enjoyable for a man. The Urban Rituelle Shave Set is great gift to give that man a soothing and pampered shave. This box set includes a genuine badger hair brush and a 250 gm tub of lathery shave cream. Use these products for the ultimate clean shave!



The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season
$39.98   $Check Price

from AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment

A zombie drama – yes, that’s what it is! The Walking Dead: Season One – one AMC’s top rated shows, and one of the biggest hits of 2010 shows the human drama of various survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Based on a comic graphic novel, it combines suspense, drama, and horror. Superb acting, writing, make-up, and storyline make this an epic show.



If you’re a fan of Guinness Beer (and why wouldn’t you be?) and enjoy slathering mustard on your favorite meats, then this is the perfect combo for you. Lakeshore Guinness Mustard combines the popular Irish stout with wholegrain mustard to give a unique flavor. Made in Ireland with authentic Guinness! Put it on hot dogs, burgers, roast beef, bbq, or whatever else you can think of.



Donald Trump Signature Tie Clips

Donald Trump Signature Tie Clips

Well, most of us can’t afford Donald Trump’s tailored suits or lavish lifestyle. But one thing of the “Donald’s” that is actually affordable is his signature tie clip. Donald Trump Signature Tie Clips are actually pretty snazzy looking and classy. Just please don’t wear them with a pink tie!




Ninja Star Coat Hook

Want your pad to look like it’s been through a ninja invasion? Add some of these cool Ninja Star Coat Hooks. Put them into your wall and hang your jackets up ninja style! Sorry, black ninja uniform or enhanced fighting skills not included.




Ummm, ummmm, umm! Donuts! Everyone loves them! But, you’ve got to haul your ass to the donut shop and pick them up – what a pain! Now you can make your own hot fresh mini donuts at home. The Smart Planet Nonstick Donut Maker is great for the donut junkie. Also much healthier since these homemade donuts are baked, not fried!



The Man From Nowhere

The Man From Nowhere
$24.98   $Check Price

from Well Go USA

If you’re a fan of “Taken” with Liam Neeson, or “A Man on Fire” with Denzel Washington, then this is the movie for you! The Man From Nowhere was Korea’s 2010 top box office draw, winning numerous awards. Starring Korean actor, Won Bin as a pawnbroker with a mysterious past who befriends a little girl. When the girl is kidnapped he begins a violent hunt to retrieve her. Great dramatic and gritty action!



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